• Do you think the hospitality industry in India is fast approaching the levels of saturation?
    • Far from it! In fact, speaking from a medical tourism point of view; we haven’t even started putting the relevant infrastructure in place. The provision of catering services in an organized, standardized, audited manner for the healthcare industry in India needs to begin. There are a set of talented professionals in the industry associated with individual hospitals. I see consolidation and standardization coming in, in a very big way.

  • What sectors do you think need more investment and are capable of treading the expansionary path?
    • We need more hospitals, there is a huge need for public as well as private hospitals in the country. The number of beds, nurses, and doctors per 1,000 people in India, is the lowest in the world. We are not even at par with sub-Saharan countries.

      We have 0.8 beds per 1,000 people; in sub-Saharan countries it is 1 per 1,000; in China it is 3 per 1,000; and in the US it is 7 to 8 per 1,000. The hospital infrastructure, equipment, doctors and nurses that we have in this country is much less than what we need.

  • Do you believe that hospitality is one sector that is recession-proof to some/great extent?
    • The demand supply equation is at the core of such dynamics. To my mind, the demand –supply inequity is too high currently and with the right handholding from the government, we should be in a position to be the pride of healthcare infrastructure in the country.

  • What are your expansion plans?
    • We are converting a part of our production process to biofuels. We are looking at servicing more hospitals this year; while keeping in mind the needs of both Indian and international patients. We are proud to see that exceptional, world class hospitals are coming up in our country, through meaningful collaborations with external partners and excited at the possibilities hereon.

Our USP's
  • Comprehensive patient-food requirement management.
  • Specialised diet food for specific post operative dietary requirements. This would include liquid food; semi-solid, sugar-free food etc.
  • Servicing RT feeds (Ryles Tube Feeds) to patients.
  • Running a full service meals set-up for visitors, doctors and other hospital staff.
  • Over 55 years of experience and commitment to standardised service.