Manufacturing Facility

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) is a constituent board of Quality Council of India, set up to establish and operate accreditation programme for healthcare organizations. the board is structured to cater to much desired needs of the consumers and to set benchmarks for progress of health industry.



Our USP's
  • Comprehensive patient-food requirement management.
  • Specialised diet food for specific post operative dietary requirements. This would include liquid food; semi-solid, sugar-free food etc.
  • Servicing RT feeds (Ryles Tube Feeds) to patients.
  • Running a full service meals set-up for visitors, doctors and other hospital staff.
  • Over 55 years of experience and commitment to standardised service.

Biofuels from wastes :
Management of Food waste Restaurants, Hotels & Households Hospitals contribute majority of food waste in a city. As per a study, food waste contributes to around 25-30% of the total waste generated in a city. Waste comprises of two components – Biodegradable(wet) waste and Non biodegradable (Dry) waste. The wet waste comprises of food, vegetable and non-veg waste whereas the dry waste comprises of plastic bottles, papers, plastic wrappers, HDPE, LLDPE bags etc. The wet waste (mostly food waste) is a major cause of mosquito breeding leading to malaria & dengue. As per our observations, around 70 to 75% of waste generated by households, hotels, restaurants, eateries etc is biodegradable and can be effectively converted to Bio-CNG and manure using “ Growdiesel WTG1XG ™ Waste to Biofuel odourless process ” . Growdiesel Waste to Biofuel Project. It also provides 100% composite for gardening ( all waste is disperesed)